we feel blessed to continue our journey together, and we remain excited for our future. In      July      of      2020,      we      started      a      new      chapter      in      our      lives      together!      We      took      a      step      of      faith      and      obeyed      the      call     of      God      to   go      into      full      time      ministry.      We      have      dedicated      our      lives      to      the      purpose      and      plan      that      God      has      for      us.     Since      we      took   that      step      of      faith,      we      have      seen      God      touch   lives   through   us,   and   we   have   seen   HIM   move      on      our     behalf,      time      and      time      again.      We      have      a   great      expectancy      in      our   spirits,      and      a      knowing      that      God      is      moving      and     has      more   Great      Plans      to      work      in      and      through      us.      Together,      we      go   wherever      the      Lord      leads      &      reach      out      to     people  everywhere.  Our      goal      is      simple …to      help      people      find      Jesus      and   accept      Him      as      their      personal      Savior ,      to     encourage  those  that  need  it,  and  to  stoke  the  hearts  of  people  to  fall  in  love with Jesus again.   We      started      a      YouTube      Channel      called,      Bryan      &      Jilleen,      to      share      our      Journey      on      the      road      with      you.   (This   is   still a   work   in   progress)      As      we      move   forward,      more      videos      will      become      available      on      our      channel.      Videos      of     encouragement,      thoughts      that      we      have      or   things   God   gives   us   to   share   with   you,   so   please   Subscribe   to   our Channel, Like & Share .
Two      people      who      love      Jesus      and      love     being        a        blessing!        We        are        both        very      different,      and      independant,      but      we      are better        together.    Like        each        of        us,        our      ministry      is      very      different.      Jilleen’s      focus     is        salvation        &        encouragement        through music      and      video,      while      Bryan      is      the     encourager      in      person,      who      people      are drawn      to.      Bryan      has      a      gift      for      connecting with      people      anywhere      he      goes      &      loves      to encourage      everyone      he      meets.      We      have     been  married  for  over  18  years now and
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